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The story of PXP Paramotor is a bit long, but I'll try to summarize it in a few words, PXP comes from the passion that Jose Navarro has had of flight since childhood and who is a fan of flying birds, toy airplanes, parachutes and who was always inventing paper airplanes, “I always wanted to see them fly up high”. Back in the year 1986 the Spainish Championship of Hang Gliding was celebrated in Baza, cycling up the mountain every day with his bike "BMX BH" to see them off on the hill Jabalcon, he always thought “someday I would fly”.

So in 1989 a few self doubting friends went on their first gliding flight. Imagine leaving with winds of 35 km / h!, They remained pinched as pins and flew for more than two hours almost wanting to turn back ..... ! What madness! From that date he has not stopped flying and attends all the championships he can, both Spanish and International tournaments and with over 5 years making the Paragliding World Cup, becoming one of the pioneer pilots in the world of Spanish Paramotor.

In 1994, he bought his first paramotor and realised his new passion: the paramotor. He has shared all these years working in the company CYCLES NAVARRO, (which is dedicated to the world of motorcycles and bicycles) as a mechanic and salesman, not neglecting to teach paragliding and paramotor, or also neglect the world of racing along with many world renowned pilots such as Dani Martinez, Cesar Maldonado, Ramon Morillas, Hermanos Rodriguez and all the other pilots that were in the Paragliding World Cup and International Paramotor Championships. With maturity he discovered that his life is flight, he decided to dedicate himself to the world of gliders and PARAMOTORS, The PXP brand was created in 1999 and from there on he had no other income than from his work in the world of Paragliding and PPG.

What does PXP mean? EXTREME PARAGLIDING PRODUCTS/ EXTREME PARAMOTOR PRODUCTS. From the beginning he knew he wanted to make high quality products, something extreme and in which case unique moving between quality - design - innovation - security – crafts and the best fabrics.

The principles are hard and difficult, they started working on their sewing workshop for the paramotor brand PAP from 1999 until 2002, and, after having worked for many national-international brands in the market, decided to make his first PARAMOTOR in 2002, many brands to decide to abandon working with him and were unforgiving that he had made his first paramotor, but this did not impediment Jose Navarro, who went ahead and decided to continue investing in his brand, facing 10,000 adversities , realizing his project and making a big production, which at the present day has manufactured over 800 paramotors which have sold worldwide, with representation in over 20 countries and having a team of world-class pilots and the state of the art machinery - sewing - assembly - engine tuning - chairs - paragliders.

To thank our pilots such as Raul Rodriguez, who made our Paragliding chair: BEST SELLER, Acrobatics World Champions from 2000-2004, also the great Alfonso Redondo and Juanjo Garcia who received the European Championships Paramotor and Paratrike in 2008, the super record of paramotor speed achieved in 2007 by Juanjo Garcia of 65.80 Km / h. Featuring several championships in Spainish Paramotor and not to forget all the second, third places and of course the great feat of Jose Maria Sola, 6th in the world 2009 and Cesar Maldonado 8th place also in the world 2009, which seems like nothing, but for those who know the world of Paramotor racing, to achieve these positions you need to "sweat blood" and always have good paramotors ready to be able to achieve it.

Thank you all for the confidence of all these years
in My brand, your brand PXP PARAMOTOR.
Jose Francisco Navarro Urquiza


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