I'm Jose Navarro, head of PXP Paramotor, I have to communicate some sad news.

2 months ago I suffered an eye infarction in the left eye with the result of total loss of vision in this eye. It's changed everything.

It is very difficult to work in the manufacture of the Paramotors in addition to having to take care of the right eye, otherwise I can become blind.

As a result I have decided to stop the activity of manufacture of Paramotors, Paratrikes, Accessories and sell the brand PXP Paramotor.

It would sell everything about PXP Paramotor as can be:

- Brand PXP Paramotor + Patent registration mark.

- All machinery: welders, cutting machines, benders, work tables, polishing machines, drills, ect.

- Patent and design of Paramotor Eros for the manufacture in numerical Control: CNC.

- Patent and aerodynamic profile of Paramotor Eros + Paramotor Remix.

- Patterns of all Paramotors, Trikes and others.

- New designs of universal chassis with the adaptation of Motor plates.

- Website + Online store with over 1000 clients-contacts worldwide.

- All the contacts with providers of PXP Paramotor of 25 years.

- Teaching for the whole start of the construction of Paramotors: measures, tricks and everything that is needed for the start of manufacturing.

- Signs, signboards, advertisements, ect.

- Large van labeled.

- Everything that is needed for the start of the activity.

- and more things.

We want to indicate that Marilene Chaboski will continue with (repair of all types of paragliders, manufacture of chappg harness and several) also with the sale of some accessories of paragliding and paramotor.

If you are interested fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.
Jose Navarro


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