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New Paramotor and Frames in Aluminiun




 Welcome to the new color of PXP Paramotor.

We present a new range of Paramotors and Frames in Aluminium.

You can now order your Paramotor in Aluminium, with the same way as in Stainless Steel,

but Aluminium Frames, with the extra for " 2 kg " less in your paramotor.

We chose series for the Paramotors and Frames colors: Black, Red and Blue,

but we accept or we can paint the color as your you need or prefer.

" So you know you can choose the Paramotor in the color that you want or you like it"

 and so it can combine with the Harnnes color: Black / Black-Red / Black-Blue, 

Also in the color of Arms: Aluminium / Black / Red / Blue,

as not? with Throttle color: Black / Red / Blue.


We have taken into account that the reinforcement of the arms a very robust,

even more reinforced design in the Paramotors range Stainless Steel.

We can make the Frames for all types of engines on the market, ask us.


You can watch the Video presentation:

You can see Aluminiun Paramotor at our web page:


We hope you enjoy this new initiative of PXP Paramotor

Thanks, Jose Navarro


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