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  • !!! New Infinity Tumbling Paramotor World Record !!!

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!!! New Infinity Tumbling Paramotor World Record !!!

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It was truly impressive, we hadn't planned anything, we had only spoken about testing the engine PXP 180 90 special acro, with Pilot David Tejeiro, for him to decide on a possible sponsorship with our team, we did the filming of the engine the previous day, at night, we took the opportunity for the occasion during the inaguration of the paramotor club Indalo, on the beach at Palomares (Almeria) , the conditions were perfect, we had a great time, and the great “DAVID TEJEIRO “MALAGUITA CHICO”, went to fly and surprised us with this wonderful world record of Infinity tumbling, (as said David, turning on oneself)

He had a lot of respect, because his old paramotor, hurt his back a lot due to an inadequate chair, he rose full gas to a height of more than 2500 mts above the beach, it was very fast just 27 minutes by keeping the paramotor at maximum, without having any problem, impressing everyone , even he couldn't believe it ..... all of us that were there were amazed at the event. We even had the opportunity to see everything from the air - flying, it was an incredible show, the afternoon was super nice, everything was perfect.
Of course, resistance testing has been done to the Paramotor and of all its components, a structural test far superior than is required has been carried out, everything was able to be exposed to more than 7 G, which is indicated by moon resistence and the maximum reliabilty of our paramotors.

To tell you that as of today, since we launched the news on our website, more than 1 month ago, the video has been viewed over 11000 times, which makes us very proud of our work, to live the moment and at the same time be thankful for all your visits and your loyalty to our brand.
Thank you to all those who worked-collaborated with the record. Marilene Chaboski, Cesar Maldonado, Rafa Tena, Manuel Tejeiro, Victoria Palop, Yiyi Martos, Luciano Minari, Javier Gomes and all the others who assisted, without who this would not have been possible.

Jose Navarro

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